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Equifax 3 in 1 Report and score

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those scores are calculated using EQ's proprietary model and are therefore FAKO scores. if you want the general FICO scores made available to the public from EQ and TU, you can obtain them at myfico.com. there is NO way to calculate what your FICO score is compared to the FAKOs. sometimes they're close, sometimes they're spot on, although rarely, and usually IMO they are way off...too far of off than to use as anything more than a VERY rough guide.

be aware that different industries, CCs, auto, mortgage, etc. often use there own industry-specific models of FICO to determine your credit worthiness as far as they are concerned. each of them weighs info in your report a little differently. some companies have their own models where the numeric scale is completely different and doesn't resemble the FICO at all.

moral is, all you can do is manage your debt, keep utilization low, create a versatile credit profile (if you so choose) and get your reports as clean as possible by putting in the work...the scores will come.

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