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Federal fraud ?

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is there a fraud statute in federal court that allows for a private right of action?

Title 18, chapter 63 (18 usc 1341 etc) all deal with crimes which im not sure provide for a private right of action.

is there a civil fraud statute that allows for private right of action in federal court?

(im not talking about the False Claims Act either)

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you purchase an item from someone and the seller purposely altered things about the item in order to deceive.

they had purposely altered the item to hide defects or the "genuineness" of an item; some random examples would be things like altering the mileage of a car,.......and things similar to that.

or selling an item that doesnt work, but saying it works. like if you have proof that a person or store knew the item did not work, tried to fix the item and couldnt get it to work, then sold the item and avertised it as a new and working item.

something along those lines...

is there a fraud charge that can be brought up in federal court?

when you say sue for fraud, sue for fraud in federal court under which statute?

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I'm not a lawyer, but I think you're asking two different questions...

There are specific federal laws relating to altering the mileage on a car...you can file suit referencing that law.

On the other hand, if you think you were sold something that the seller (an individual?) knew didn't work, I don't think there's an actual federal law against that ("let the buyer beware"). But, you can bring a civil suit against the seller, and, I beleive, depending on the amount of the suit you chose between state and federal court.

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i know of the federal odometer or speedometer or something along those lines. but im asking only about the fraud allegations, nothing else.

i still cant find a way to bring a fraud case in federal court by way of federal question (not diversity jurisdiction) and that would allow for private right of action.

i really dont want to go to new jersey civil court

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