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(video ) HELP i won the MFS brought by MIDLAND FUNDING ( motion for summary judgment)

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Here's the video of me winning against them ....sorry can't post it in hyper link because i don't have enough posts yet ..nor can i copy and paste it either ... if you want to see the video from my MFS .. go to youtube and type in the search terms MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT BROUGHT BY MIDLAND FUNDING ...

ummm , yeah i didn't actually think i was going to win , so i'm not at ALL sure what to do next ... the judge mentioned something about set prepardness for trial , but i have NO idea what that is ... i live in Arizona ... all of the ideas that i used to defend myself i got from this webcite , so i want to thank all of you .... umm can i have more help ?

after the second silence , ( blocked out my SS ) the plantiff says "I THINK WE may have the right person " ... that's when i countered with asserting that we need more than statments of belife to prove idenitity in this case ....

i should also like to say that the lawyer was somewhat helpfull in giving me new avenues to defend myself because my several years ago i was car jacked and my wallet and social security number were stolen from me , so who knows , maybe he's right and i am a victem of idenity theft ... now i'm not going to SAY that i for sure am , but hey if the lawyer says it could be a possiblity , who am i to argue with him ...

i still can't beleive i won ... didn't think i would at all ... and yes i was blinking alot because i was REALLY REALLY NERVOUS ..

(FYI , i have a really lousy interent connection , so it could be several hours before i'm able to respond to any responses )

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You did a great job and I'm sure the judge could tell you were prepared. The only way I could tell you were nervous is because you were blinking a lot;) You did your homework and the attorney for Midland apparently did not do his. The judge seems fair but keep it moving with some more motions to slam them since now they know you aren't playing they might send one last battle your way;) Good luck! They should make the video a sticky!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to post the video. From a learning perspective your offering this will be helpful for many who may not be able to get to court prior to their motion hearing.

While I am sure you would agree after seeing yourself, there are improvements you will make at the time of trial. Overall you did what needed to be done in SJ hearing- Drive home that there are "Material Facts in Dispute"!!!!

Here is the link that I used-

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Missed posting the link to the video
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Great job!

But, did he ever answer your question about if they had received your questions?

I think he probably got them, but doesn't want to answer them! :mrgreen:

no he didn't answer my questions .... most likely too shell shocked considering 95% of the population simply rolls over .....

unfortunately for midland funding , i don't plan to roll over ... i hope to roll THEM OVER ...

here's an interesting article that talks about midland funding and their practicies from the WSJ ...

please let me know if you can't view the entire link

i'm still too new to be able to post the URL , but google

"Boom in Debt Buying Fuels Another Boom—in Lawsuits ."

that's off of the WSJ

here's a nice juicy quote out of it ...

"In a deposition filed as part of a civil lawsuit against Midland, employee Ivan Jimenez testified that he signs 200 to 400 affidavits a day. The percentage of documents checked for accuracy against other records is "very few and far between," he says. "As far as what I deal with, they just come from the printer as far as where we get them."

i think it's time to shut down the JDB's in america ... the poltical will is building considering they sue at least 250K a year , and some years it's half a million LOL .. if you try to sue an entire nation within a demoracy , we only have to vote to shut you down ....bad idea ...

P.S ( thank you to the person above me for posting the URL link )

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