Need name & Mailing address for GMAC Bank & Bank of America CEO's.

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Hello everyone.

Does anyone have the CEO's name and address for GMAC and Bank of America?

I tried searching for this on here. I couldn't find it. I find conflicting info on the internet too.

I have disputed tradelines with the credit bureaus involving GMAC and Bank of America. They come back as verified correct, being reported "included in BKP/Ch7" even though they were NOT included in BKP.

I have written the banks directly (w/ tracking and confirmation) using the address listed on the credit reports to directly dispute and offer proof that they are reporting and falsely verified these as being correct. - Of course neither have replied back and it is over 30 days.

- It sucks because these were both positive tradelines on closed accounts, they are dragging my score down and I am afraid they will ultimately just delete it to solve the problem.

I want to shoot off the correspondence to the CEO's office and try to get some action while assuring them the next step is to go to court and collect on damages.

Thank you.

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