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Need help to answer Midland Funding complaint


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The first letter I got from Midland's attorney claimed I owed over $16,000 for an old debt that was charged off by Chase. In the summons and on the Chase statement they sent for my debt validation, the debt amount is just over $14,000 (please see below), is this legal?

I have no idea how to anser this summons. Could someone just give me a rough idea if anything? Thanks everyone.

In the Third District Court, Park City Department in and for Summit County, State of Utah.

Midland Funding v. Anotherday Gone

Plaintiff Midland Funding LLC, by and throught the undersigned counsel, alleges and complains against defendant(s), as follows:

Parties Jurisdiction and Venue

1. Plaintiff, at all times relevant, is the owner of the debt sued upon herein and authorized to do business in the state of Utah.

2. Anotherday Gone is an individual who upon information and belief resides in the County of Summit, State of Utah.

3. Venue in this Court is proper persuant utah code 78B-3-307.

4. Jurisdiction is vested in this court persuant to utah code 78A-5-102

5. Defendant became indebted to Chase Bank USA, N.A. on a delinquent account ending in 2671

6. Defendant has refused or otherwise failed to pay Chase Bank USA, N.A. for a debt incurred by Defendant

7. Chase Bank USA, N.A. charged off Defendant's account on or about 11/30/2009

8. Plaintiff purchased or was assigned the outstanding balance owed to Chase Bank USA, N.A. on 02/15/2011.

9. At the time the delinquent account was sent to Bennett Law, the delinquent account had a balance owing of $14,659.29.

10. Defendant has since made payments of $0.00.

11. Costs as of the dated of filing the complaint are $360.00.



Wherefore, Plaintiff Prays for judgement against as follows:

a) The outstanding principle amount in the amount of $1,4659.29

B) Prejudgement interest at a rate of 10% annum pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 15-1-1 commencing on 11/30/2009.

c) All costs incurred in bringing this action persuant to Rule 54 Utah Rules of Civil Procedure;

d) Upon judgement, post judgement interest will accrue at a rage of 2.30% pursuant Utah Code Ann. 15-1-4;

e) Reasonable costs incurred by Plaintiff to collect the money judgement; and

f) Any further relief as the Court deems just and equitable.

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