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Interrogatories or Documents First

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At this point I have answered the complaint and filed a counter claim for FDCPA violations.

The plaintiffs attorney should be working on their answer to the CC.

I drafted my Request for Documents for their case against me and was ready to send it off but had wondered if it is better to send Interrogatories 1st or the request for documents?

I didn't know if there may be a strategy for one vs the other. Court rules as I understand do not require any order.

I found allot of info here for documents request and looking for pointers on Interrogatories questions for an alleged medical collection?

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Most CAs and JDB send all both in order to bury the pro per defendant. I'd send both at the same time. Bury them with paperwork.

Ok thanks. The still have to respond to my counter claim with answer too at the same time.

Any suggested links to what type of interrogatories to ask? (Medical Collection)

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