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Affidavits galore (how to direct google)

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If you want to compare signatures on your affidavit to signatures on many others, find out who else is signing affidavits, possibly find people who no longer sign affidavits, etc... you can use Pulaski County, Arkansas's database to find complaints with affidavits included. You just have to know how to specifically direct google to look only on the Paluski County Clerk's website. They have many complaints posted online.

If you aren't aware, you can direct google to search only on a specific site. For example, if I wanted to use google to search for things about the 623 method on this site, I could put this into the google search field:

623 method site:http://www.creditinfocenter.com

If I wanted to only look on the forums for that, it would look like this:

623 method letters site:http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/

If you want to eliminate a site from a google search, you use "-site:<address>" instead of "site:<address>" You could use this to search this site and exclude the forums.

Now, onto finding the affidavits. The URL (address) for the clerk's website:


If you want to start finding affidavits, you need to know some language that will be specific to the affidavits that you are looking for. Some examples might be "midland authorized agent" or "capital one authorized agent" or "ccsi." Don't use the quotes when doing the search unless you want google to only look for the words "midland authorized agent" when they are one right after another. Quotes tell google to look for the phrase.

An example of what to put into the search field for midland affidavits could be this:

midland credit authorized agent complaint site:https://docsdms.pulaskiclerk.com/DocsDMS/default.aspx

Copy that and then paste it into google's search field. You might have to get very specific to sift out the documents that don't have affidavits.

You can use this to find out if multiple people are signing the same name. If they aren't, you can find the name of other people who have the same job as your affiant and start digging around on them to see if any of them blab about their jobs. You might even find some former employees that you can depose.

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You are welcome. The more I think about it, the idea of finding some recent, but former employees to depose is a fantastic idea. I'm getting ready to send out my first round of discovery requests so I can get the contact information for my affiant. I now have some new questions to ask in a deposition regarding employees.

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