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As the principle of a corporation I applied for and received a corporate credit card (wamu) in 2008, then 2009 happened and the company was having problems covering the debt ($11k). Just before charge off I offered to settle with the new holder of the account. They agreed and the account was settled. Fast forward to recently. I pull my personal credit report and there is a charge off for the account on it. I dig up the original terms and conditions for the card and I could find no mention of a personal guarantee in the documents But I do not have a copy of the signed application from wamu so I am unsure of what I signed at the time. I found this website and followed the instructions and contested every negative remark.

Today I receive a letter in the mail from the card issuer in response to my complaint to the credit agency. The letter states that I made personal guarantees for the card and that because I called them to settle the debt that I am the responsible party. When I called them I was acting as a corporate officer, the settlement was paid from the corporate account.

Lacking a copy of the signed agreement I am a little worried that if I start making noise about me not being financially responsible that they can come after the corporation for more money? None of the settlement documents have the corporate name on it just mine.

Should I ask them to produce the original wamu contract?

In the settlement document they agreed to change the status to settled so the worst case scenario is that I make them change the disposition of the account to settled as agreed.

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