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Interrrogatories in Aid of Execution - Florida

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I have searched, and didn't find this particular situation.

My wife was sued for credit card debt in her name only for a card which she had prior to our marriage, and which I was never an authorized user or co-debtor of.

We live and have always lived in Florida.

The law suit came during the time we have been (and continue to be) married.

For the last 6+ years, my wife has been a homemaker, not working an outside job, and therefore does not have a "paycheck". I have a checking account only in my name which she doesn't contribute to, or have any authorization on. She has been served via mail an extensive "Interrogatories in Aid of Execution" which asks for quite a bit of my information. The requests are for such things as my bank account location, amounts, account numbers etc. Additionally, they are requesting information such as my current employer, work address and phone number, my social security number, etc.

I am thinking I can Object due to the fact that I am not a party to the suit, and that to the best of my knowledge, under Florida or other law, I am not responsible for the debt since I wasn't a Co-Applicant, or even an authorized user of the account.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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