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Pretrial Conference Tomorrow

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I have a pretrial conference set for tomorrow afternoon for a debt from over three years ago which I have never seen until I was served a summons.

The court sent me a letter stating the the conference would take no more than 10 minutes and that I could either call a number for a conference call or I could appear in court.

The plaintiff's location is over three hours from where the court house is; however, I am wondering if it makes a difference in the case if I show up to speak with the judge in person as opposed to chiming in on a conference call.

Does it benefit me to actually show up at the conference or should I just phone in?

Thanks in advance!

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I just had a pre-trial conference last Monday. I showed up and so did the Attorney for Portfolio Recovery. He pulled me into an office before the Pre-trial and tried to get me to settle--I refused so we went before the judge. He'll ask you if you are done with discovery or if you need more time. In my case I was done so the juudge wanted me to schedule the Trial date, but I want to seek legal counsel first. I think, personally, it is always better to appear in person so that the Judge can put a "Face" with the case.

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