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Anyone dealt with Client Services?

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I was called by Client services and told they were taking over the CC debt of my account with Citibank.They offered me a settlement of 35% to which I said no. I offered them 25%. They said they would submit it. They came back and said it was unacceptable. They then said they would submit 30%.

On Saturday the guy from C.S. called me and said they would accept the 30% but needed it paid by Tuesday at 9AM. Since I was out of town I told him that wasn't possible. He said that was okay and he would send me both an e-mail and a fax stating the 30% was accepted, and that that would settle the debt.

I told him I would be sending a money order as I did not trust them with my bank information. He said he was sorry to hear I had heard bad things about them but a money order/certified check would be fine.

Now it has been 5 days and I have not received a fax or e-mail from this guy.

I don't know if I should call this guy or just wait it out. Does anyone have any experience with these people?

Are they JDBs or do they represent Citibank? Thanks for any help in figuring this out.

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Check Citi's entry on your credit report. If the debt has been sold, the entry will state "sold/transferred" or "sold to another lender"...something like that.

Client Services could be Citi's in-house collection department. You could contact Citi directly and ask them if the call you received was from their collection department.

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Is this the same account you are being sued on by Javitch?

If so, this raises some interesting issues, to say the least. What is the status of the court case? Can you check the status online?

If this is the same account, you may want to contact the Javitch attorney.

I would be wary of sending money to someone who called me on the phone, saying they are collecting a debt. I would send a DV letter.

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No..it's the other citicard account we have. I also received a letter from them stating that they were assigned the debt to collect on Citi's behalf. I am sending a debt validation letter before I send them anything but it just seemed odd that they were going to settle, send the info, and now I haven't heard from them.

I think it may be because I could not get the payment in for the past months closing that they may have put it on the back burner. It just seems off. I think as long as I keep talking with them they will not file like Javitch did. That is what I want to prevent. I don't want two lawsuits by citibank!!

Thanks for the thoughts though! I always appreciate your input!

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