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Merrick Bank AVOID

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Got a card from Merrick Bank mailing. Limit of $1750 to start. I was searching the web after I got card and decided to goog them again and up pops website Merrick Banks sucks. So I didn't use the card at all. A few months later I decided to try card for $25 purchase just to get acitivity on it. After swiping it, it asked me for a pin which I didn't have for cc. So I paid cash. Tried to go online with account haveing already been activated. Don't know which password I used so I tried to reset password and everytime I filled out info and clicked it said internal error from website. So I called 800 number and had to give first person all kinds of personal info. She told me that card hadn't beenactivated and that she would activate there. Then I got transfered to tech support. They said card wasn't activated and I explained that it was just done again. He asked for all kind of different personal info even tho he knew my name when I got transfered. I refused to give more info and he hung up on me. I called back and when they answered phone I said I wanted to talk to supervior. He said I need to give him info before he could transfer me. I said no and the only thing he kept saying was I need to give him info before I would be transfered. I asked him his name and he said Don. I said what is you r last name so I can write a letter and he said Smith. So I said yea right and he said my name is Dan Smith. Funny how his name changed.


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