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Is an EXPIRED credit card useable?


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I need some assistance in finding rules that govern expired credit cards. I had a department store credit card that expired in 2004. I was issued a new card for the same department store, but the bank changed, and so did my account number.

Since I was unemployed, I filed the new card away, still attached to the original paper with that sticky glue and the “To activate” sticker left on. (To this date)

My last payment, which paid my account off in full, was made in January of 2005.

In January of 2009 I stated getting collection letters for this account. Four or five agencies have had this account.

In mid 2010 I called the department store and spoke to an agent who informed that the last date of activity is unknown, and he would send statements starting January an 2005 - current. I received statement transaction/reference reports from January 2005 – June 2006 and statements for August, September of 2006.

I told the agent that the new cards were never activated and therefore couldn't make charges; he stated that if I did not activate it within 2 months they automatically activate it for me.

Can they do that?

Now this has changed collection agencies four times since January 2010.

How do I handle this account? As far as I am concerned this account is closed and should not be listed on my credit report.

Thank you, in advance.

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Chances are the SOL on those have expired if the questionable purchase made in 2005 was not yours.

If you are 100% sure it wasn't you. YOu need to fill out a police report regarding theft/identity etc. Use the statement you were provided with the questionable charges on them as proof. Once you have the police report you should contact the card issurer and explain this was theft and or identity theft and you want to dispute these charges. Argue that you had no knowledge of these at all until you pulled your credit report and started digging. Send them a copy of the police report requesting they immediately remove your liability for these fraudulant charges. Request they either contact the Collection agency and recall the debt.. if it has been sold ask for a letter stating these charges are fraudulant and should have never been sent to them. YOu could use a copy of that letter with a direct dispute with Collection Agency.

You could also directly dispute with all three credit bureaus as being fraudulant and provide them with a copy of the police report.

This of course all hinges on you being 100% sure that you did not use the card to make the charges.

You can get this cleaned up.. you just need to get serious and get after it.

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