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Motion to quash subpoena to preserve objections for trial and appeal

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She just said "Improper venue" motion denied she didn't say what she hated about it. I think it has to deal with the liberal discovery thing. The thing I accomplished was making sure they didn't get a local branch affiant at trial.

Some lawyers are relying on banks local branch personnel to support the litigation. So I wanted them to goto the subpoena processing center in indiana.

I believe JDB's have friends in the industry(financial) that may make it hard to see if the local branch person is a family member, fried, or special friend.

So back to the point I think the judge was mad becuase it was a waste of time for her. o sanctions though so mit had to have some merit or I would have gotten the kitchen sink. On a positive note the attorney stormed out all huffy when sanctions were denied. the court said the nature of the claims and defenses would make it valid to protect ones privacy.

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