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Ladies and gents, we have a WINNER!!!!!

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Well I thought the day would never come but I came home to one hell of a good surprise in my mailbox on Friday.

It was an envelope containing a copy of the dismissal of their suit against me from the lawyers representing The Bureaus Inc.

In the immortal words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, oh give me an oh HEEEEEELLLLLL yEEEEEEEah.

Here is a link to a thread on my case. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/307529-im-looking-file-summary-judgement.html

The whole thing really hasn't sunk in yet the way I thought it would, I just feel very proud that my efforts have now proven to be worth it. I mean until yesterday I was still wondering if I would end up like so many others who have taken the time and effort to beat the scumbags.

The thing kinda just died a slow silent death, I had heard nothing from them since they sent back the discovery I sent them and that was Febuary. I guess they weren't able to unearth anything to make their claim stick.

The motion entered is requesting it to be dismissed without prejudice. Some of you fellow fighters out there might say that I should go for it to be dismissed with, but the way I see it that is probably more trouble than it is worth. Dismissal with prejudice would stop them from filing another suit, but that is unlikely anyway. What is more likely in my mind is that they sell it to another scumsucker and they can then sue me and the dismissal with prejudice probably wouldn't prevent me from having to go through the motions of defending against that suit.

I'll be ready for that if it happens.

I haven't gotten anything from the court yet but I will be looking for a signed order next week in the mail from the court, that will be the copy I frame and hang up on one of my walls,lol.

With enough attention to detail, time and effort put into researching the knowledge needed, and maticulous work put toward drafting up your anwser and discovery anwsers and questions, anyone can do this. I not only saved myself from being on the hook for the amount they were looking for on the alleged CC debt but also the hundreds if not thousands in lawyers fees had I hired one.

Thanks for all the help and comradeship on here and I hope to contribute as much help as I can on here in the future. I still have on other suit filed against me by another JDB, actually two separate suits over the same alleged debt, but the fact that this JDB is so clueless as to have sued me a second time while having a suit on file with the court on the same alleged debt makes me more than confident that I will prevail against them in time as well.

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Thanks guys, it is really surreal, you really have that doubt in the back of your mind as things drag on without activity even if you are sure of yourself, until Friday I was wondering if I would ever get that dismissal like so many other posters have. To get it is a true sense of accomplishment that I feel.

What they were doing during those 6 months since I filed the motion to compel for their discovery anwsers and attended the hearing for that, again that was in Febuary, I will never know. I am very glad that I was somehow able to put it out of my mind though from the time the suit was filed in Dec of 2010 to Feb 2011 it was on my mind day after day. After the discovery was traded on both sides, I finally just said that this was not ever going to make it to court and that I had effectively won. Had to wait six months to get the official nod, but I am glad it came nonetheless.

As for the JDB suing me, they never got the bat off their shoulders after sending me discovery requests and finally anwsering mine. Nothing offensive and those anwsers they said were forthcoming in their ridiculous response to my discovery requests never materialized. Pack of clowns!!!

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Got the official notification Sat the 10th in the mail, the judge signed off and the case is no longer on the website. Signed copy is headed for a picture frame...lol

One thing kind of irks me about the conclusion though. I must admit that I didn't plan to fight the case being dismissed without prejudice by insisting it be dismissed with prejudice through a hearing. But the fact that the judge just signed off on their request without any written communication to me is kind of crappy.

I mean if the judge took the time to look at the file he would have seen that this case had sat from Feb to now (I had to make a motion to compel discovery) with no action by the JDB suing me. I also requested in my anwser that this case be dismissed with prejudice. All that and the judge just accepted their request that it be without prejudice.

The fact that it was signed off on so quickly makes me wonder whether I would have even had the opportunity to contest the request in a hearing. I didn't spend more than a couple minutes thinking about it as I am glad this case is caput, but did want to mention it here.

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Oh one last thing, another thing I was reflecting on this weekend. The JDB that sued me (The Bureaus Inc) really took it in the posterier in acquiring the account they alleged to be mine. Along with the two hearings for motions that I made during the first couple of months of the ordeal, where they had to send one of their rent-a-lawyers, which undoubtedly cost them some bucks, I also was the beneficiary of that class action lawsuit that was brought by another guy they targeted who sued them over use of robo-dialers. I recall that being in the neighborhood of a check for $175 about a year ago.

My file probably cost them $500-$600 or more, depending on how much the lawyer was, it was actually a "law firm" that took the case here for them, in any case some one came up in the red by pursuing me.

Hey Bureaus Inc, tell your friends, I am not one to be messed with....lol

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So it has been dismissed without... If you get sued on the same debt by a new plaintiff (another 3rd party debt purchaser), then you should have a n easy go of it. But be vigilant with regards to your credit report and keep you eyes open for new collections letters from any new collector. You always ask for a matter to be dismissed with. The judge will rule on that, but usually dismiss without. Thats the big outcome difference between a Summary Judgment Motion and a Dismissal Motion.

One bit of advice. Always ask for a copy of complete assignment with regards to the debt, if you're sued again. They hate producing those.

But xdancex kudos on your win!

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Yeah that was the main reason I didn't contest it being with prejudice rather than without. I can still be sued by another JDB even if I got it dismissed with prejudice. And I have no doubt it is going to be sold, very doubtful that they would come back for some more (The Bureaus that is).

Yeah I suppose the clock is ticking on me getting contacted by another JDB, hey I am ready for them if they want to mess with me, bring it on...lol. If the nimrods who just sued me couldn't unearth anything on the account I am sure the next JDB down the line won't be able to either.

I know I might get some flack on this site for saying this, and maybe I deserve it, but seeing as I stay clear of all credit cards and the money loan in general I really could care less about what my credit report says. I also have been employed by the same employer for about 15 years so I am not going to be on a job search anytime soon.

I might be a throwback to the days of old where you only bought something if you could pay for it with cash, but after what I have learned about the whole concept of interest I cannot fathom ever participating in that system again. I wish I knew the stuff I know know before I even got a credit card years ago.

What does a good credit rating get you really, the "privelidge" of allowing the money lenders to take less off your hard work and wages than the other guy. They are still enriching themselves through usury and no matter what the interest rate is, they still become wealthy,mega-wealthy, not by producing something of value for society, but by pushing money around, something that in itself is simply paper.

Again for those who choose to participate in the money loan system, undoubtly most folks out there in one way or another, it is very important to make sure that credit report is made right as you advised when these accounts get sold, but the way I now conduct my finances, cash,gold and silver, or nothing, I really don't pay no mind.

Thanks for the spirit of the advice though.

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