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Which States require evidence to be attached to complaint and are "Consumer" Friendly

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Some courts do charge a higher filing fee for high volume filers...San Diego County courts charge $100 per case if you file more than 12 small claims cases per year anywhere in the state.

If you go to Superior court - the filing fee is $350.00 for civil limited ($10k up to $25k) or $395 for civil unlimited ($25k+).

Remember, the JDBs don't care - it's a cost of business that they pass onto the judgment debtors. Even if the courts raised the filing fees, the volume of lawsuits filed will not stop.

The only way to stop JDBs is to make these cases unprofitable for them - in other words file an answer and fight. The moment one answers, you've just cost them money and blown their profits out of the water....

case in point, I filed a lawsuit against a JDB for FDCPA violations. The attorney retained spent $500 to be admitted pro hac vice - only to counterclaim for an alleged $4k debt. My lawyer and I filed a Rule 12b(6) motion and had his counterclaim dismissed w/prejudice. The $4k debt was probably purchased by the JDB for $400 at the most. In the end, the JDB spent $40k defending this case - only to lose on summary judgment. They paid my lawyer $40k and paid me $1k.

In short, the JDB got screwed in the worst way. Paid $400 for a debt, lost in court and had to pay $81k for the privilege.

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