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Question in Summons -


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I am going to answer a summons for my husband and myself but the summons has me listed by married name which I have never taken, I have always gone by my married name. So can I deny these claims as false?

Claim 2

That the defendants, Michael C....and is a resident of Washoe County, State of Nevada. That the defendant Stacy C is a resident of Washoe County, State of Nevada - as this is not my name and I have never gone by this name

Claim 3

Not even sure what this means - "That the true names and capacities of those Defendant(s) sued as DOES I-X are unkown to Plantiff who therefore sues said Defendant(s) by such ficticious names. Plantiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that each of the fictitiously named Defendant(s) is responsible in some way for the acts described in this complaint.



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