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any JDB attorney incentive to win??

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Possibly, but they'll never tell.

I tried to get that info once in a JDB+Law Firm lawsuit - judge told me it was attorney client privilege.

There is case law that says that a retainer agreement is NOT covered by privilege. Start thumbing through the judge's rulings on motions to compel in Yazzie v Farrell & Seldin, and there will be one where the judge tells them to pony up with the retainer, and the judge sites another case to support his ruling.

Target identifies the relationship between it and Farrell & Seldin as an attorney-client relationship. It objects to identifying all of the documents that define the relationship, and refuses to produce the fee agreement. However, a fee agreement, unlike a confidential communication, is a fact and not governed by the attorney-client privilege. In re Grand Jury Subpoenas (Anderson), 906 F.2d 1485, 1492 (10th Cir. 1990). Therefore, Target should produce its retainer agreement with Farrell & Seldin, but it is not required to provide any other document defining the relationship.

FindACaseā„¢ | Yazzie v. Law Offices of Farrell & Seldin

The retainer is under a protection order, but if you go to recapthelaw.org, you can find some of the briefs written by the plaintiff's attorney that discuss some of what is in the retainer.

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It does get complicated...

1. Some actual JDBs are individuals...they pay their lawyers a percentage of what they actually collect...just liike a personal injury lawyer.

2. Some JDBs are "investment groups"...groups of local doctors, dentists, accountants...either organized by a lawyer who splits his winnings among his investors, or by an "investment counselor" who highers a lawyer on percentage.

3. Some JDBs are lawyers themselves.

They're all crooks who use the courts to get a very high return on their investment.

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