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Victory!.....I think


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After going back and forth with a local credit union...PFFCU...in Phila. They are going to finally remove a 30 day late from Oct '10.

I had two accounts with them. A signature loan and a credit card. The late was hurting my score so I got it removed from two reports (not mine) but the only cra reporting the 30 day late was guess who..........Experian!

I offered to pay off my credit card in exchange for removal of the interests charges, most of the late fees ever accrued, and finally that 30 day late!

This is the same 30 day late their "Lawyer" said would be illegal to remove. It cost me a pretty penny but once it is removed, I am going to get it put back on the other reports. (How easy is that? I need a letter for that.)

My scores should be cool then. My experian score was the lowest at 718. What kind of jump could I expect?

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