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1 - what does one do, if the Judge doesn't allow for Oral Argument on a Motion even though a Written

Reply to a Motion has been filed, and served to Plaintiff Attorney of Record?

( attorney had case on hold so most of courtroom was cleared- judge wouldnt let me answer , but just read thru discovery they were compelling saying sustain/overruled , when i tried talking he said-he ignorded me on Purpose!- My docs were never read even though i mentioned i submitted them and he knew i did)

2. what can be done when a Attorney repeatedly files Motions, and schedules a hearing prior to the Rules of Civil Procedure allowed time to respond?

file MSJ ? cause they dont have nuttin? motion to compel? Im severly pissed off by this judge and attorney treating me like a rag doll in this case.

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Did you ask for oral arguments. Sounds like the judge ruled on the pleadings. You have to stand up for yourself. Send your own requests, don't wait on the other side. File written objections to strike if the other side does not follow the rules.

Get on the record. Use phrases like, with all due respect, and then tell the judge they are wrong or why your objecting. The only reason you should get steam rolled like that in court is if you let it happen.

File your motion and in your motion or by letter, depending on the rules, make it clear you want to be heard orally on the motion and not just ruled on the pleadings.

Go on the offense and start filing objections and motions to strike anything not complying with the rules of procedure. Your on their home court. You have to minimize that advantage by going on an aggressive offense.

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I mentioned them in court and with my docs, Judge had a agenda with attorneys, they have filed motions for hearing before my30 days to reply but i havent been late. Truth be told i saw the one that he was arlready gonna rule on by the color coding he did on them.( that why lawyer wanted to put my case last so most of courtroom was empty- i sure they were high 5ing today- plus im not padding his retiement fund either like plaintiff is.

And as far as compel discovery from me -never read or acknedge my answer but kep going thru them despit my pleas and after seeing the color coding thing - i knew anything else i said was going to be ignored and get him pissed off.

This is set for Jury trial plaintiffs laywers dont have evidence they need in the breach of contract case and Judge is giving them every oppurtunity for a favorable outcome

One other question- what if all this behind doors antics gets them a win in this case, im pro se filing as Forma Pauperis ( poor person) have no job or assets to garnish other than a old car What would happen in this case considering my lack of finicial resources would happen?

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