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How to Approach a Negative on an Open Account


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Hi there,

This is a pretty basic question, but I am at a pretty novice level.

I have been requesting verification and getting deletions on my credit reports, but I just came to one where the card is still open.

It has one 30 day late payment, I remember it clearly. I had trouble contacting the company to pay as I wasn't receiving anything in the mail. When they got a hold of me on the phone, I said PLEASE LET ME PAY! It was a very small amount like $20. Something so stupid to mess up your credit. Anyways....

Obviously I can not have them verify my name, if it is still open. Would I go straight to the Creditor and ask them to take off the 30 day late mark. This doesn't go off my report until 2017.

Any help would be appreciated. I have read through a bunch of articles and forum questions and am just soaking up information. Thank you so much!

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