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Dealing with Digital Credit Union

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Has anyone dealt with Digital Credit Union? We owe approx $18,000 on a visa account. We have had this account about 20 years with fluctuating balances. Problem is our income has been reduced to just Social Security Retirement plus what ever odd jobs we are able to pick up. We are not employed at this time. We can not continue paying the $328 min pmt and have stopped paying in July. They now want $976 to bring the account current. I have told them about our financial situation and they suggested that we apply for another loan! HA HA are they crazy or is this a phishing scam to get more info before a lawsuit? They won't even consider a Balance Liquidation Program at this time. Should I return their "Borrower Financial Information" sheet to them or just sit on it for a while. Any help or incuragement from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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