Wow - Kays Finally Approved Me ... Sort of

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I have been trying to get a Kay's card for a few years now - every time my credit got a little better, I applied again and would get denied. Today I was at the mall and walking past the store and gave it a shot and they approved me! I have a $400 credit limit with a "Starter Account" which means I have to pay 20% down. After some months of on time payments, they are supposed to allow me to not make a down payment and increase my limit from what they say. I bought a Christmas present for my daughter's grandmother and a necklace for my daughter to spend up about $200 so we'll see how it goes - I will surely make the on time payments - I wonder how long it will really take. Fingerhut gave me a $50 credit limit increase after 2 months LOL

Thanks for all the help and support on the board ... I am finally seeing some improvement with my credit thanks to all the great advice here :)

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