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Ford keeps verifying and will not provide proof what do I do?


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I have multiple late payments with Ford Motor. I disputed the payment dates and they verified them. I then wrote Ford requesting an investigation and asked them to provide the dates the late payments were made. They responded with a letter requesting that I explain to them why I wanted this information and they proceeded to tell me that I did not properly identify myself even though I provided the account number for the old auto loan as well as my name, address and contact information. I recently called Ford and requested that they provide the dates to me over the phone and they told me they no longer had this information. I think they have kept poor records and no longer have the info but they continue to verify the dates so what should be my next course of action? I recently recieved an email from them telling me my car payment was late on with them and I have not even had the vehicle they say I owe on for almost 2 years so thats another reason I believe their record keeping is poor. What should I do?

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