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No Reply for removing hard pulls

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I am new to the website so please forgive me if I do not understand some of the abbreviations. My story goes like this, I was out of the country for a while and when I came back I found out there were a whole bunch on negative info on my credit report. First I sent them all debt validation letters and at the same time disputed them with the CRA's. I got all of them removed successfully. One of the items that were removed was apparently from AT&T wireless which they gave to a CA. The CA was not able to validate the debt and hence they removed it. Then I get a letter from an agency called CBCS about AT&T but CBCS was not the one i sent DV to. So they put it on my credit report and I sent a DV to CBCS and they report it to 2 out of the three CRA's that its been disputed and its been over 30 days and its shows on my credit report as disputed with 2 CRA's. The next thing was there were a number of inquiries my report and I sent a letter to all of them stating I was a victim of ID theft and please these inquires are removed. A few of them came back asking for additional documentation so I sent that out, but some of them never even replied back to me. Now I have the following questions:

1. What can I do with CBCS?

2. What do I do with the companies that never replied to inquiry removal?

3. I have it all set to file claims in the small claims court ?

PS:All disputed items were hard pulls.30 day period has elapsed since letter were received and i have all post office details.

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I don't see where you disputed directly with the CRA's about CBCS. If you have not, then this would be your next move.

You also should do a direct dispute to the CRA's on the other collectors who have not responded.

I would contact a NACA attorney for a free intial consultation. It takes a lot of work to pursue a lawsuit.

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