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Question about debt validation and CA from a newbie

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I'm new so forgive me if this has already been asked. I looked and couldn't find an answer.

OC was AMEX. They sold to Pinnacle. Pinnacle now has Oxford Law, LLC involved. Only pinnacle and AMEX show up on my credit report.

I sent debt validation letter to Oxford Law (calls have stopped, YES!!). Let's say they don't respond or respond with inadequate information. They wouldn't be able to post on my credit report but would this be grounds to have the pinnacle mark removed. It seems that pinnacle is oxford's client.

I know it would not remove the amex entry...I'm just looking into the 623 letter to deal with this one.

Also, can I send a debt validation letter to all the other collection agencies entries on my report? I know they don't have to respond after the 30 days but I could just say that I never got anything and that I was surprised to see them on my credit report, couldn't I?

I am so excited to have found this forum. I'm really hoping to at least improve my score a little bit!

ETA: I don't know how I missed it but noticed that amex is not even on my credit report! If I can get pinnacle removed, it will be a huge help!

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If I'm not mistaken, if you ever wanted to sue one of those guys under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), you would have to first dispute the accounts through the credit reporting agencies. If you dispute directly with the CAs or JDBs before disputing through the CRAs, you lose your right to file a claim under the FCRA. You would still have a right of action under the FDCPA, though.

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