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DWOP hearing scheduled for Thursday; received MSJ over the weekend


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I guess my first question needs to be will the court automatically cancel the DWOP hearing once the JDB's MSJ is filed (as of this morning it is not showing up--was mailed on the 20th)?

Next--I have already prepared a draft Objection to MSJ and need to get it in final form. In July the Texas AG filed suit against Midland for its robo-signing affidavit practices. The affidavit included with the MSJ for my case was signed almost a year ago, which leads me to believe it's robo-signed. At this point does the pending Texas case against Midland have any bearing on my case? Should I move to strike the affidavit on the basis that it is old and/or robo-signed?

The JDB's attorney attached an affidavit for his fees but the affidavit is not notarized. How should I address this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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