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Is it too late to do anything?


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Several months ago, my mother was served with papers saying she was being sued by a collection agency for $3,000 for a credit card balance that hadn't been paid for about three and a half years. I advised her how to handle this based on info I'd found throughout several sites on the internet. Instead, she met with a lawyer(old acquaintance of my father) who, as a favor, typed up an answer letter for her, denying all admissions requested. He told her to sent the letter, then just not worry about it as the case would be dropped.(Yeah, I know... big mistake.) She sent the letter to the court, certified, and that was it.

A few days ago, she received an "Order Setting Hearing" in the mail. (Is it odd this was sent via regular mail, not even certified?) The hearing is set for just three weeks from the date the letter was signed... which is now about two weeks away.

Is it too late to do anything?

Thank you.

Call or visit the Court Clerk ASAP and explain your situation. See if you can can get a continuance on the case. If you mom is elderly, I would suggest you bring her. It can only help with getting some empathy from the clerk and additional help. Its never too late until they tell you its too late. Dont waste any time.

In the meantime, let us know what the suit is for, who has filed the Complaint, etc.

Meet and Confer with the Plaintiff and put up a front that you are willing to go ahead and fight them. You might be able to get them to settle quickly and avoid going to court if you dont think you are prepared to do so. Good luck!

I'm not a lawyer, but if I were, I would jump off a bridge

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