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Automobile lighting upgrade...


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hey all - I am running the mid-line Silverstar lowbeam headlights, and stock DRL/high and foglights. I have one of my fogs burned out, so I want to replace them. I changed out my stock lowbeams with the Silverstars and I love it...but I'm not sure if I'll get the same results with the fogs.

I am not really wanting to spend 25 bucks each (SilverStar), so looking around the web I ran across the "Luminics Ultra White" bulb. Does anyone use these at all? They're only about 30 bucks, so I'm more willing to drop 30 on them than 50 for the SilverStars... is it worth saving the cash, or are the SilverStars worth the extra?

Winter's coming, so I am sorta wanting to get the best illumination possible.


PS - any good options for replacing the stock DRL/ Highbeams?

Just looking for brands that you guys and gals like. :-)

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