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A list of JBD vs. Collection Attorneys

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I know I've read from other members here that they have a hard time distinguishing from a JBD and Collection Attorneys (representing the original creditors). Well here's a list I came across which list most JBD and the CA's. Hope this can share some light:

Junk Debt Buyers

Arrow Financial

Asset Acceptance

Asset Capital Management Group [ACM]

Atlantic Credit & Finance

Blackstone Financial Group


California Business Bureau [Medical Debt Only]

Capital Financial Partners

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

Cavalry SPV I, LLC

Elite Recovery Solutions

Erin Capital Management

Equable Ascent Financial

Easy Loan Corp.

FIA Card Services*

First Resolution Investments

Frederick J. Hanna

Grant & Weber [Medical Debt]

Greater California Financial Services

Investment Retreivers [Woof !]

KBW Capital

Livingston Financial

LVNV Funding, LLC [LVNV]

Midland Credit Management

Midland Funding, LLC

Northstar Acquisitions

Palisades Acquisitions

Persolve, LLC

Pinnacle Credit Services

Pinnacle Investments

Portfolio Acquisitions

Portfolio Recovery Associates

Professional Collection Consultants [PCC]

Professional Investment & Finance

Resurgence Financial

Unifund CCR Partners

Collection Attorneys

Bishop, White et. al.

Bleier & Cox

Brachfeld Law Group

Brewer & Brewer

CIR Law Offices

Collection at Law

Curtis O. Barnes, Law Office of

Goldsmith & Hull

Gordon & Wong

Eltman, Eltman & Cooper

Franklin J. Love, Law Office

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates [GA]*

George L. Cohn, Law Offices

Hameroff & Lavinsky

Harris & Zide

Hollins & Schecter

Hunt & Henriques

Jaffee & Asher [NY]*

JP Morgan Chase Legal Department

Kenosian & Miele

Lang, Reichart & Patch

Legal Recovery Law Office [Atty. Mark D. Walsh]

Nelson & Kennard

Neuheisel Law Firm

Mandarich Law Group

Mann-Bracken, LLP [R.I.P.]

Michael & Associates

Moore Law Group

Paris & Paris

Peck & Ray

Persolve, LLC [in-house Legal Department]

Portfolio Recovery Associates [in-House Counsel, VA]**

Robert J. Colclough, Law Office of

Rory Clark, Law Office of

Scott D. Wu, Law Office of

Shedrick O. Davis, III et. al. {Chase In-house counsel]

Stelios Harris [MIdland Funding, In-house]

Thomas Stepp, Law Office of

Winn Law Group

Wolpoff & Abramson [R.I.P.]

Zwicker & Associates [s. Pasadena, CA & Concord, CA]

Zwicker & Associates [N. Andover, MA]***

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In Illinois: Blitt and Gaines and Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker and Moore collection attornetys.

I still think Blitt and Blatt would be a great law firm name LOL.

LOL, they should drop Gaines and actively try to find a Blott.

There is another law firm here called Aldridge, Grammer and Hammar. They would be considered debt collectors under the FDCPA, but aren't debt collection attorneys per se. You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of their suits because everything will be in order down to getting the IT guy to testify about computer security when they come after you. AFAIK, they only represent local credit unions and local banks when they do that kind of dirty work.

I've always felt that that it would be funny if Aldridge left and they found another attorney named Slammer.

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RCAN - Retail Collection Attorney Network - Debt Buyer Debt Seller list

click on link to view list

Angel Zimmerman/Angel Valentine/Topeka KS

Managing Attorney for Valentine & Zimmerman, P.A.

President of Starwood Financial Inc. 2004 – present

A Debt purchasing company

Law firm Collection Department under Thomas A. Valentine


Challenges for Collecting Purchased Debt

Public Access - Third Judicial District Court

This is our courthouse online for shawnee county ks

go to last name type in american express,visa,mastercard,discover card,ect.

put a check in the civil,press search

You will see alot of names of attorneys and credit card cases

and all the defaults,very few fight back,most act like they are the oc

when they are not, Its the gold standard till you say no.

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