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Experian debt validation requirements

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New user who is beyond cranky.

So Experian says they validated my debt. I tried validating it and got nothing from the CA. So I called up Experian and asked then how they validated the debt. They made a phone call and asked the CA to investigate. They don't require a single piece of paperwork to prove that it is mine. Then the Experian rep I was talking to told me to call the CA directly and ask them. I advised him that could restart the clock on the debt and he assured me it wouldn't. No, I didn't call... then he told me if there was a problem with the CA then I should call the BBB.

Can they just call them and verify the debt like that? Does the fact that NCS won't answer me amount to nothing to the CAs because they got a phone call? How can their be accountability through a phone call?



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Get the CRAs "method of verification" in writing ... by asking for it in writing (sent CMRRR).

Depending on what this says, proceed accordingly. If it says the CA verified it, write to the CA with your dispute or whatever. If the CA keeps dragging, sue.

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