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I will take it as a partial win

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So I had a Summary Disposition set for tues and a pretrial set for right after. Two weeks ago I had put in a motion to compel. At the begining of the Hearing I informed the judge that I had put in a Motion to Compel and had asked the clerk to schedule a hearing for it. To my suprise he heard my motion to compel. He informed the plaintiff,(which is the third different rent a lawyer) that they needed to provide all documents that I requested. He post poned the Summary Disposition after I stated they have said they have documents that they have not provided me and it would be unjust to have a summary dispositoin before discovery was complete. So, I have to type up all the questions they did not answer to my satisfaction and submit it to the judge. Then I guess he will give a time as to when the plaintiff needs to have everything in by and reschedule the Summary Disposition or another pre trial. Not a total win, but gives me a little more time to prepare for the summary dispostion and get my ducks in a row. I am hoping that they pull the suit and are tierd of chasing after this one. We shall see......

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