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PRA Dispute Letter


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I am disputing Portfolio Recovery with the CRAs. Portfolio was listing 2 accounts. After disputing with the CRAs, one was removed. However, I'm trying to get the other one removed too.

My credit report is showing the second one to be disputed by consumer.

PRA sent me a letter stating that they purchased this account, (which doesnt' match the amount of the original creditor) and that they are investigating my dispute.

Does this possibly meant that they might actually remove it after "their" investigation? Or is that just standard operating procedure and it will continue to be reported?

The debt is past the State SOL but not past the reporting SOL.

One funny thing on PRA's letter says: If you are a Texas resident, please fill out the enclosed dispute form and return it to us. Guess that means if I live anywhere else other than Texas, they don't want me to fill it out. (which I won't be filling anything out for them anyway)

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I just did this with PRA and their tradeline was removed from all 3 CRAs. Send it to the CRAs reporting PRA and then send this letter to PRA as well with your documentation and prior dispute letters. If PRA does not respond and their trade line is still showing...file a lawsuit against them. They have to respond to you. Send CMRRR

Here is the letter:


Experian Information Solutions PO BOX 2002 Allex, TX 75013

Equifax Information Services PO BOX 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374

TransUnion PO BOX 1000 Chester, PA 19022

Portfolio Recovery Associates 120 Corporate Blvd Norfolk, VA XXXXX

Re: Your Name



Current Address:

Reference Account in Dispute: Name of creditor

Dear Sirs: I am sending you this letter to dispute inaccurate information in my credit file and obtain the correction of it without any further expense. You are reporting inaccurate inaccuracies and late payment information on my credit that I would like you to re-investigate and remove. See attached Credit Report showing the circled trade lines I want investigated and removed.

This should not be on my credit report.

Account Number:


Reason: Explain why the account is inaccurate and provide documentation backing your reason. Ask for after the investigation they send you method of verification.


Accordingly, please remove the trade lines on my credit history as detailed above. Also, please send a copy of this letter and attachments to your customers when you convey my disputes.

Also, please call me immediately if you need or will accept additional information to support my disputes. My phone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much in advance of your time and help.


Your Name

Cc: Furnishers

Enc:Copy of Drivers License, documentation and copy of utility bill

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Thanks that's what I was thinking I needed to do. And I like your letter; I'm gonna borrow it and modify it just a bit so it doesn't sound like a copy and paste.

Hopefully, this will be the last of PRA on my credit reports. If not, I'll keep reading and try something else.

It's quite a learning experience.

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