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Alrighty then; CA was sent (certified) letter to C&D; they rang me up 28x to date. All caller ID photographed. So, can I bring suit in Federal Court for 28 violations of FDCPA?

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You can sue. But if you're thinking 28 violations X $1000, no. Damages are awarded per action (your lawsuit), not per violation. No matter how many times they violate the FDCPA, the max in statutory damages you can receive is $1000. You can request punitive damages (harassment, mental anguish), but any amount is up to the judge.

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If you didn't reply to one of those phone calls then No. They are allowed to communicate with you one more time after a cease communication is received to tell you what they intend to do. Answer it one time and tell them to go to hell. A msg. left on the answering machine does not count as their last communication.

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