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Consent of the corporate client for substitution of counsel

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The third counsel in my small claims case in Florida filed phony written consent for approval of substitution of consel signed by unknown person without any information about the person. No name, no address and no position with Bank. I know that this document is forged by the new law firm, the third one, because I could't get any info about officers of the corporation, address or any name of other employee as the representative of the corporation, I couln't get any discovery for 12 months now. I know that this lawsuit was filed by JDB Rubin & Debski of Jacksonville, FLb but not the orginal debtor as they are trying to impose more on me then on Court. I think thar a Judge know the game and is trying to swim with the crookie flaw.

I'm thinking to file a Motion to Strike and Objection and also Motion to vacate ab Order granting substitution for new attorney of record. Any idea or advise will be greatly appreciate. Thanks.

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