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This site works, 5 years later I have great credit

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I learned how to control myself and my spending, 5 years later I have a 765 FICO and all my cards are paid ontime.

I do not apply for credit anymore, I have no inquiries.

I do have some debt but I am paying more than the minimum every month and not using some cards, some have occasional use just to keep them open...

I hope this inspires some of you, You can do it, keep it good and still have the life you want...:)++

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765 is fantastic. I'm somewhere around 725 but mine involved a bk.

This site works. What I find funny is that the same thing we've been learning/sharing on this site for years now is now considered new: ditching banks for credit unions, eliminating annual fees on credit cards, etc.

Congrats to you. If I can figure how to give reputation points, you'll get a few from me! :p

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Yup, that is great news Congrats.........myself, I have only one card that I have had since 86, it works for me and its from my CU and it has never had over a 10% rate.

I use it and pay it off........Last I checked my score was 6 months ago @740.

I owe on my house, as soon as the buffoons get the rates to 3%, I will refi and let the dollar devaluation take care of the rest. If I need a big ticket item, it does not get purchased without half being in cash and 90 days no interest.

Not being a debt slave has been eye opening, saving "real" money for a SHTF scenario has gotten to be a mission.....almost there.

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It's nice to hear all you guys' stories. I myself have come around, from the depressing poor credit abyss. I read night after night, until I organized a plan. It took me 13 months to go from a 503 to over a 680. At that point, I was able to get my mortgage, buy a new car.......financial independence IMO. Not totally debt-free, but being able to get what you want if you want.

I understand other people are debt-free, and that is my goal for someday.....but it isnt right now. I have a few "beginner" credit cards still that I need to fire, but I need to replace them with better, 0 fee and low APR cards.....

Just wanted to also tell people that it is very possible to achieve your financial goals, just make a plan and stick to it. Write those letters! Good luck to all.

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I too have a whole new life now thanks to this site and a ton to Docdon! It has been several years since my last visit here (Im sorry :( ) However, using all the great advise and taking in so much information I turned everything around and it is ALL thanks to this site.

Several years ago:


EX: 498


As of today




I have re-established my credit in an amazing way! Far to many to list but not being utilized. Highest card 18,000.00!

I walked into the credit union and was going to apply for an auto loan for a used F-250 Super Duty, and they told me the % rate on a signature loan was better. I walked out with a check for $21,000.00 on just my signature alone! It is now paid off (32 months) but still all in all we do have approximately 72k in available credit between the wife and I.

I then went a step further and started building my business credit using this board!

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This site took me from high risk where creditors wouldn't look at me to very low risk. My credit score is in the 7s. I closely monitor it. In the middle of re-finance on my mortgage got 3.875 interest rate. Interest Rate on car is in the 3s. It feels good to say no to credit card solitations. It feels good to be in charge and not have to worry about who is calling my phone or ducking the post man. Now I have others coming to me asking me how did I do it. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences because it helped me reach my goals.

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