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Check your Caopitolone statement

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Capitol one is being very sneaky, they are changing credit cards that have had no annual fees and are charging 59.00 bucks to your card to be a member.

I had no notification of changes were going to occur to my account. I found a 59 dollar fee instead, just warning people you may want to find other cards to bank with.

((Hope this is not wrong section just trying to give people a heads up.))

Oh and should note this has nothing to do with credit standing for some odd reason.


WOW, Tomarrow I will post story of what took place much much craziness when I called them. In fact after doing it all I wish I recorded it lol.

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RUN don't walk from Capital One. And in the spirit of today's movement away from huge nameless lenders who don't care about you, get thee to a credit union or corner bank and open credit there.

Patelco Credit Union has been great to me for the past 6 years. I found them through this site six years ago. The nearest branch is 2,854 miles from my house! And they were happy to have me and extend me a $6000 CL Platinum card with no annual fee and a 1% cash back feature. The interest rate on the card is 8.99% currently and it has features like 15 day grace periods for missing payments. And if you miss a payment, the penalty is only $10. Try finding these terms at a for profit bank. :)

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