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Oklahoma SOL

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Alright guys, I have been researching this topic extensively (here and on google) and the information I have found is inconclusive.

My situation; I have recently been sued for old cc debt. I know that it is very near the 3yr (open acct) SOL if not slightly past it. But I have found that OK is known for a case precedent as using the 5 year written contract SOL even without a written contract!?!

So as I am getting ready to file my answer with the courts, my question is, should I include the SOL as an affirmative defense. Is this something that will hurt me if the courts determine to use the 5 yr SOL? Is it implied that I "admit" to the debt by claiming SOL? (especially if I can't use it)

Hope someone out there can help clear this up with me. I have been researching case files here in OK and it looks as though the courts seem to favor the plaintiff I am up against :(

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