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Follow-Up to Validation Request


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Hi I am new to this board and wanted to get some input. I reside in GA, and got phone calls and finally a letter from Fredrick Hanna regarding a Cap1 debt. I sent Fredrick Hanna a request for validation letter last week, and this Saturday I received a letter from them indicating the name of the creditor, the date of the last payment, and they increased the debt by about $150. Based on what I have read on here so far, it appears that this may be all the information they need to provide:confused:

I am ready to send them a follow-up validation letter, but wanted to know if I should do it now, or wait for the 30-45 day period validation period that I gave them in the first letter? I can see this going to a complaint as Cap1 has moved this from agency to agency.

Thanks for your help

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Pretty simple

Dear CA,

Please be advised after reviewing the information you provided this alleged account and debt remain in dispute, in there entirity.



(The Sincerely is optional)

That's all you need. Less is better when your getting ready to be sued. Keep your mouth shut and see what they come up with.

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I sent off the follow-up to the validation letter along with a request that Cap1 submit the dispute to arbitration and have heard nothing as of today. Should I initiate arbitration, or wait for them to make the next move?

It's okay to get aggressive but don't demand they arbitrate against you prior to them suing you. :shock:

Ever heard be careful what you wish for?

Put your dispute in writing, which you have done, and if you want to pull the arb card fine. Tell them you want all disputes settled by binding private contractural arbitration. Then let them make the next move. Don't demand they sue/arbitrate against you.

That's like going up to the biggest guy in a bar and picking a fight. Sure you might win, but why start the fight if the guy is just at the bar thinking about picking a fight. Wait until they pick the fight, then fight.

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