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Pre-selected offers by mail...can anybody explain??

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Hey all,

I keep receiving pre-selected offers for credit cards by mail. Why do I get denied? How does this work? If Im "pre-selected" shouldnt I already have enough credit score? Should I reply to those offers? Are those a scam? I feel its a waste of my time and they are making me hurt my credit score every time they run my credit report....Thoughts? Advise?

Thanks bunches!!

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yea, those "pre-selected offers" are a joke. All it is is some company buying your name and address, and then they mail you info/letters like that. Only very few people I know get REAL offers from credit cards in the mail.......

that being said, about the only way to get rid of those is to "opt-out". Someone here may have the 800 number for that, or you can Google it.

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