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Had my Mom add me as an authorized user on her Lowes account because I figured it would only help my credit. $5000 limit owing @ $800, and she has had the account 10 + years.

They are sending me a card, but never asked for my social. How will they report on my credit without it?

I don't care about the card, I just want the positive aged tradeline.

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uh, it wont

Incorrect, Yes it does. On many cards. It does help increase your FICO depending on age of card, payment history and ratio of CL & use.

If they don't ask for info, they either don't report or will "find you" by your name and assumption you live at the address of the account holder, to report to the credit bureaus.

CAP 1 and Citi are known to report Auth User.

Hope this helps.

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