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settled, 2 down 1 to go

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I've just got done clearing 2 accounts that went to court and I had judgements against me.

I found this forum way to late.

Creditors Interchange was handling BoA for 5500.00. I worked out a settlement of 30%. Didn't negotiate for a whole The 2 employees both seemed to be pretty stand-up guys.I wired the funds to their bank because the date they wanted was the next day. They wanted check by phone, but with the information from this web site I was leery of giving them access to my accounts. I played the BK card, don't know if that had any bearing or not.Was initially offered 50%, I countered with 30% and it ended there.

Amex with NCO was the other card. They also were about 5000. Same thing started at 50% countered with 30% they came back with 35%. I settled there.

Third card is Cap 1 with Hunt & Henriques. This also has a judgement, with a monetary levy. Offered them 30%, they told me they could only go to 50%. I told them I wasn't interested. I'll try them again next week and see if they are more flexible.

I'd like to thank everyone whose insight I've gleaned from the last couple of months.

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