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Can someone please explain this for me?

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Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 425

Debt Adjusters and Collection Agencies

Section 425.300

Real party in interest on assignment of claim for billing, collection, bringing suit, attorney required to appear in court--court may sever actions.

425.300. Collection agencies may take assignment of claims in their own name as real parties in interest for the purpose of billing and collection and bringing suit in their own and the claimant's names thereon, provided that no suit authorized by this section may be instituted on behalf of a collection agency in any court unless the collection agency appears by a duly authorized and licensed attorney at law. Upon good cause being shown, a court may sever any actions brought under this section.

(L. 1992 S.B. 688 § 5)

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In plain language:

Collection agencies can sue you for a debt you owe another in the collection agencies and the owners name, but they need an attorney to represent them.

But a court retains discretion to dismiss these types of cases if the court chooses to.

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