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Interesting Situation - Where do I start


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So I've been lurking in a couple other forums and decided to post. I received a response yesterday to come here since this is the most active of all forums and I'd be most likely to get some help here.

Here are all my derogatory listings in my CR.



ANFI - $117 - Posted 05/07

Medical - $649 - Posted 08/05

Medical - $51 - Posted 08/05

Medical - $51 - Posted 00/05

HSBC - $335 - Posted 09/05

Medical - $644 - Posted 09/07

Also, about four "paid collection" accounts.



HSBC - $335 - Posted 10/05

ANFI - $117 - Posted 07/07

Medical - $30 - Posted 11/08

Medical - $2,494 - Posted 11/08

Medical - $51 - Posted 05/05

Medical - $649 - Posted 05/05



HSBC - $335 - Posted 2005

Medical - $2,493 - Posted 9/08

Also, a couple "paid collection" accounts.

So, where do I start? As you can see many of these accounts are quite old, and outside SOL in Wisconsin. The most recent medical accounts are from improper insurance billing, I have since changed health insurance so I'm not sure what can be done there.

Do I just wait for them to fall off? By the time I do a PFD I'm thinking most would already be off.

I would really like to purchase a house in the next few months. I'm about 40 points shy of approval.

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Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the advice!

I'll focus on these newer ones for now and when it comes down to it I'll see where the old ones are at.

I'm trying to purchase a house and I'm hoping these are dragging my score down and I'll be able to squeeze out the extra 40 points to qualify.

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On your TU report I see two medical bill for $51. Make sure this is not the same bill, being reported twice. Also the ones that are from 05 may take till 2013 to fall off. Its 7 1/2 years from the last payment made. Id try and do some PFD on some of the cheaper account, you have. Like the ANFI FOR $117.That should be an easy PFD, also the two that are $51. That would probbaly get your 40 points your looking for.

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I agree with you guys. There is a huge tendency that these things shall fall off in a year. So, might as well you just leave them as is. Perhaps, you may start a new and pay attention to it, rather than sticking to this one.

Most of those wont fall of untill the end of 2012 start of 2013. If the OP wants to buy a house in the next few months,then some of them will have to be taken care of. If it were me, I would try to PFD some of them. The HSBC for $300 the $51, the $100 etc..

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