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Attention Calawyer!

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In California, we file the CMC Statements with the Court. Hit or miss whether the Judge will care.

Bringing it up is a bit like telling on your little brother when you are a kid. If you do, try to go sideways with it like "Your Honor, I did not recieve a CMC statement from the plaintiff. If the Court received a statement, could your Honor please direct plaintiff's counsel to serve all pleading on me at the address set forth in my answer?"

Have a nice weekend.

HI CALAWYER, not sure if you saw my recent post on this. I happened to browse the courts website and saw that lawyers for JDB filed their first cmc and it had a proof of service sent to me. It was dated Nov 7, 2011. I saw the file online Nov 11. Should I send a meet and confer letter to plaintiff's lawyer to show judge I'm being proactive or being on top of this case? Or is it a waste of my time. Thank You.

helpme xdancex

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Another Citibank case...

Was the debt allegedly incurred with Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. or Citibank N.A.? They merged on July 1, 2011 and now only Citibank N.A. exists.

I ask because I recently had my Citibank (SD) N.A. case dismissed with prejudice. I know how you can be a real PITA with discovery with these guys, and I really, really hate Citibank.

BTW, even though I'm not in Cali, CALawyer helped me with my case. He knows what he's doing.

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