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Paid Collection that has been sold


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Before knowing about pay for deletions, I paid a collections account with a collection agency.

I signed the papers for the debt in New York, which is where the credit agency resides but I live in New Jersey.

They appear on my Credit Report as follows:



Agency Address: NEW YORK, NY

Date Reported: 03/2011

Date Assigned: 07/2008

Creditor Classification: Educational

Creditor Name: BES INC

Account Number: XXXXXXX

Account Owner: Individual Account.

Original Amount Owned: $570

Date of 1 st Delinquency: 12/2007

Balance Date: 03/2011

Balance Owned: $0

Last Payment Date: 23/03/2011

Status Date: 03/2011

Status: P - Paid

Comments: N/A




Creditor Name: NTL CRDT SYS

Account No.: ********

Original Creditor: BES INC

Responsibility: Individual

Condition: Derogatory

Original Balance: $570

Balance: $0

Date Opened: 07/22/2008

Date Reported: 03/24/2011

Remarks: Paid collection

I looked to see what information I have pertaining to this debt and I found:

  • The original debt contract, dated June 2006 (from BES, INC.)

  • Collection Notice, dated January 2009 (from Sunrise Credit Services, Inc.)

  • $0 balance statement, dated March 2011 (from Allied Account Services Inc.)

I think a different collection agency took over reporting than the agency I originally paid. Can I dispute to have it removed from my credit report?

The only billing address that matches my credit report from the documents I have is the Collection Notice prior to paying the balance. The billing address that is on the original contract and the billing address on the $0 balance statement have been removed from my credit report. (Not sure if this helps)

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If you have proof this is paid in full, then this might seem like a strange to tell you, but this could be your lucky day.

I can only dream of a debt buyer coming after me on a debt that I had already paid in full. Actually I would have more fun with the one that sold the debt, but both parties would be getting invited to court.

I'm actually jealous of you right now.

On the flip side, I'm sure you have read about standing by now. I hope the party you paid really had standing to even be collecting from you. I'd do some more work before I just disputed. This might not be what you want to hear but you could just sit back and wait and see who comes calling or sending you letters.

I'd get my ducks in a row via a paper trail. Treat this like your going to court. With every move, letter, or call, treat it like your preserving evidence for court. You never know, it might just come to that.

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