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Macy's Goodwill-Dispute


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On my Credit Report my Macy's account appears as follows:

90 days past due as of Mar 2009

60 days past due as of Feb 2009

30 days past due as of Dec 2009, Jan 2009

During this time I was unemployed and my other bills needed to be paid over this one. Macy's closed my account for lack of payment.

My billing address associated with this account has been removed from my credit report.

Has anyone had luck re-opening an account with Macy's after they shut it down?

Do you think a good will letter or a dispute would help me remove the information?

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Again, I don't believe you will get any sympathy from them seeing as how you have had no interest in writing a letter them around the time of the problem or even remotely close thereafter.

The amount of time that has passed between the time your account was closed and the time you are asking for them to reopen an account that was closed in poor standing is also something I can almost guarantee you they will not do. You will have reapply and get a new account, which means possible hard inquiry.

Best course of action would probably be to just dispute the accuracy of the info and hope they don't have the records to back it up.

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I think your chances of being hit by lightening are better than getting a goodwill deletion letter to work.

Every once and a great while you'll read about someone who got one to work but typically you get the "we are required by law to report accurately" blah blah blah.. answer to your goodwill deletion request.

I wish you luck but IMO you're just spinning your wheels.

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I had a 5 year old charge-off (approx. $385) with Macy's that was showing up on at least two of the three agencies. During my repair, I called customer service and offered to "make it right." I was hoping to get a do-able offer and settle for pennies on the dollar. The lady I spoke with politely explained that my account was closed, had been charged-off, but offered to re-open the account for no money from me! I was put on hold for a few minutes and she returned with a $750 credit line. I began using the card for $25-$30 purchases as soon as it arrived and I paid it online, in full, every month. After a few months, I upped my purchases and continued to PIF. Within 9 months or so, I logged on to PIF and saw that they had raised my limit to $1,500. It has since been converted to a Macy's Visa at $4,000.

In this case, I was running late one morning and wasn't up to writing a letter. Instead, I gambled on "speaking" to a rep, as opposed to relying on some rep reading the recommended goodwill letter, although, GW letters did play a big part during my repair campaign.

Cue the "Results May Vary" disclaimer...

"MY" gamble paid off. You never know - these reps may want to hear a legitimate, humbled voice, now and then. A voice poised to pay penance for the dastardly deeds that we commit! They must surely be numb from reading mounds of canned letters, void of emotion or emphasis that highlight the content. If you do opt to write a letter, personalize it, re-write the phrases in your own words - make yours stand out from the others. It's not guaranteed to work, but, I wasn't expecting the favorable results I received either.

In any case, Good Luck and continue to press on!

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Probably September or October of '07.

I'll dig thru my folders to see if I can find the details - I kept notes on each account I attacked, usually on the CRs or on any correspondence I recv'd from the creditors. I never received anything from Macy's, so I'm assuming the notes are buried in a stack of old CRs.

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