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Change of Address with courts

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A few related questions.

1. I was told in my other thread that the obligation falls on me, to update my address. What kind of form do I use, or do I have to file the 'motion to transfer venue'?

It would be nice if I could just change it (without paying fees), and they had to file and transfer venue (and pay more fees). Obviously they're small fees but I like if they have more paperwork and everything. So far, with the one OC (but people suspect they are more like a JDB) I haven't had to pay any fees except for certified mailings, and the clerk sort of explained that since it's just alleged, why should I have to pay to defend myself.

2. Can I give them a mailing address that's not residential? PO Box allowed or not? I can get a rental mailbox that has a street address too.

3. This other OC just finished getting the whole file transferred, but they took so long, that I've moved from there. If I wanted to, I could drive to that courthouse and not update my address, right? I don't plan to do that, but I'm curious.

4. When transferring to another venue, I probably have to state it's because I reside in that new county? I was hoping to get a rental mailbox in a different county than I live in. (I actually can't find any rental mailboxes in this county.) Can my mailing address be outside the new venue? It's just nicer if the creditor doesn't know my residential address. I think one of them would serve me papers soon after getting it. And who knows if another creditor might start coming after me.

5. One creditor is using District Court and one is in Circuit Court. Do I have to file twice because of this?


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