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Refused Auto Loan - Mailing Address On Credit Report

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I've just pulled my credit report after being refused for an auto loan. The reason I was refused was insufficient credit history. I have also recently been declined for a Walmart Credt Card and given the reason that they could not verfiy some of the information in my application.

I have credit cards on my credit report with a 12 month history of payments with no missed payments or anything like that.

I am applying with my present home address where I have lived for nearly a year. However, my credit report doesn't show my current home address, instead it shows my previous two addresses along with a mailing address where I get some of my mail.

I think what is happening is that my credit cards are reporting my mailing address and so my home address isn't appearing on my credit report.

My question is how do I deal with this? Should I apply for credit using my mailing address (it's a box number at Earth Class Mail), or should I switch my credit card address to my current home address and wait for my credit report to update?

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