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Has anyone settled a broken lease or with IQ Data / RentCollect?


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I wanted to get the opinion of this forum before I pick a fight with IQ Data / RentCollect, and wanted to hear some first-hand opinions about settling debts related to broken leases. I have been getting the credit repair opinion in my thread in the credit repair forums, but want to look at this from the other angle...

Long story short my wife has a 2 year old debt with IQ Data / RentCollect for about $3700. Which means it is within the statute of limitations for a lawsuit. Waiting another two years is out of the question for us, so we have to settle or fight it. I'm leaning towards attempting to rack up a handful of FCRA violations and then hiring an attorney in hopes that he/she can get it kicked off my credit by holding up more damages against them, than the $3700 they have against my wife.

My question is this...Has anyone successfully settled a broken-lease debt? If so what was the amount owed and how much did you settle for? Were you able to get the settlement in writing and was it a pay-for-delete scenario?

Does anyone have any experience with IQ Data / RentCollect? Everything I could find about them online says they are shady and don't honor any agreements, hence my reasoning to try and get this handled via the credit repair methods, and risk a lawsuit in the process.

Thanks for the advice.

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